By Melissa Beasley 06 Dec, 2017

This goes out to those of you who are clinging to faith and the hope that things are going to get better. Don't let go.

I know the place where you are. Where it is dark and uncertain and you just don’t know if it will work out.

Five years ago I left a terrible situation and in doing so stepped into a life where I had no idea what was going to happen. I was terrified. All I could think about was the many ways that things could go wrong. But I couldn't turn back because the hell that was behind me was worse than any of the hells that I could imagine in front of me.

One night I was praying (crying, really) "I don't know what to do" and suddenly I saw myself in the long hallway of a large house with rooms lining each side. And there was a hand in front of me. A voice said to me "take my hand, look only at me, things around you will be scary so keep your eyes on me, and I will get you out of here."

In the 5 years since that night, when things get scary and uncertain I go back to that hand in that hallway and I hold on. During those 5 years there have been many nights where I wasn't sure things were going to work out. I've spent nights in my bed crying, wondering if struggle was going to part of my life forever. But every time things looked impossible, they would somehow work out. Every. Single. Time.

Here is what now understand about faith. Faith is NOT the absence of fear. I know you've probably heard that before, but I want you to hear it gain. You can have faith and still be very afraid. 

I picture this like a child and her mama. There is a bridge by their house that the child is terrified of crossing, but she has to if she wants to go anywhere away from the house. At first her mama has to carry her across it. She's terrified of what’s going on around her, so she buries her head in her mama's neck and holds on for dear life. She trusts her mama. She doesn't trust anything else, and she's even a little bit afraid her mama will fall, but she's is the safest thing the little girl has, so she holds on and hopes.

There were nights when things didn’t look like they were working. I was in pain, and scared, and angry. I would cry out in my prayers “what exactly are you doing? It doesn’t look like this is working. I don’t see how this is going to get better. But I trust you. I trust you. I trust you.”

I just clung to that hand, and to my faith, and I took the next step.

Eventually that child learns that her mama is strong enough to carry her across, and no longer worries about it. She sees the raging water stays calm as her mama carries her across. Then the day comes when she is able to walk across the bridge herself.

So, if you are in that place, where you’re scared and not sure what to do and you’re just clinging to what you know and hoping it works. Keeping clinging. Keeping taking those little bitty steps forward.

Here are some practical ways you can hold on when you're running on faith and coffee.

1) Find Anchors

Find someone who inspires and encourages you and follow them on Facebook and subscribe to their podcast. Find some books written by people who have been through that dark night of the soul and read about their experience. Immerse yourself in encouragement and in the reminders that you will make it through this season. 

2) Have a tribe

A community of people who will uplift and encourage you is one of the most valuable things you can have. Does your current community do that? If so, then lean on them, open up to them, and let them love on you. If they're not doing that for you, then find a tribe who will. You don't have to completely abandon your current community, but you can start creating relationships with people who will offer you strength and love.

3) Find someone to encourage you

Find that friend who will keep your head above water and lean on them. This is that person that will offer perspective and help to ground you when you feel like you're spinning out of control. They will gently, and without judgment, help you pull yourself together.

4)Find a venting friend

 Sometimes you need someone that you can call and say “this sucks, everything sucks and I hate it all” and they’ll just rant right along with you. This is that friend that you can be open and vulnerable with; who is comfortable with your weaknesses. You can break down with her and she won't lose faith in your ability to walk through this season because she knows that sometimes you just need to have a breakdown.

5) Self-care

Our physical, emotional and spiritual self-care are all interconnected. It’s difficult to stay spiritually and emotionally strong if you are physical exhausted. Make sure you're sleeping and feeding your body good things. Be intentional about loving yourself during this season.* ( 22 Self-Care Activities to Rebuild Your Health and Energy )

6) Wait

Don’t let go. I know this feels all consuming right now, but you will get to the other side of it, and there is such sweetness on that other side.

Are you in a season like the one I've described here, or do you want to learn how to use self-care to keep yourself healthy during stressful seasons of life? Follow this link or email me at to get on my calendar.

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