By 26 Apr, 2017
I call my stress bucket a static bucket. It’s this bucket inside me that gradually fills up with stress throughout the day and if I don’t take time to regularly empty it, then I become anxious, irritable, and zoned out. This is the time when I'm most likely to yell at my kids or snap at a loved one. Why do I call it my static bucket?To me it’s like a static channel on a TV set that I might just drown out and ignore when I'm are focusing on something. As I drown it out, i [...]
By 30 Mar, 2017
When I talk to people about taking better care of themselves do you know what I hear most often? Laughter, seriously, most people just laugh at the idea of adding more sleep, healthier food, or a little TLC for their bodies into their hectic lives. Once I get past that first reaction and encourage them to use words to voice their objection it sounds a bit like this:"I'm already soooo busy, I can't add something new to my day!""I spend all my time taking care of everyone else, I don't have [...]
By 14 Mar, 2017
I recently launched the Self-Care Essentials, a guide to creating healthy self-care habits even when you're too tired to try. If you don't already have the guide you can access it through a link at the end of this article.The guide includes a step-by-step action plan and worksheet to help you create new self-care habits, as well as a menu of self-care activities to choose from. This article explains what some of those activities are and how to add them to your self-care routine.**Note: I [...]
By 14 Feb, 2017
“Friends of Love-Essential Skin Care” is a blog series where I highlight the wonderful spas, salons and shops that carry Love-Essential Skin Care products.We are so grateful to be able to partner with small businesses around the country and love it when our fans support these businesses by purchasing our products from them. Terra Tots Natural Parenting Terra Tots Specialty: Natural Parenting Supplies and EducationTerra Tots specializes in natural and organic baby supplies. T [...]
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