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My Services


Shop our collection of luxurious botanical skincare products. Using her biochemistry background, Melissa combines science and nature to produce decadent, potent, all natural skincare solutions.

Are you a mompreneur or professional woman who is bone tired from trying to juggle work and home life? Melissa will work with you to create calm in the chaos and restore your energy and vitality so you can have a business you love without sacrificing your personal life.

It’s one thing to take bubble baths and eat chocolate after a long day, but real self-care means building consistent habits so when life gets hard your self-care doesn’t get cast aside in the overwhelm. Download my free guide, Self-Care Essentials: A busy mompreneur’s guide to creating calm in the chaos through a self-care lifestyle.

Self-Care Essentials 
A simple guide to self-care for women who are too busy, too tired, or just don’t know where to start.

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