"Thank you Melissa for the best aftershave products I've ever used! Last summer I bought a bottle of your "Aftershave Tonic" and it cooled and soothed that ole shave burn and nicks immediately. Can't say I've ever had that with any other product, ever! Just purchased another bottle of your "Tonic" and "Aftershave Balm" spice scented. Using the two together resulted in the perfect shave experience. And smelled great to boot! I love it! Thank you time and time again!"

Baby Care

Diaper Balm "I love this diaper cream. It works great the first time you use it. One jar lasts a month or more for me because I only have to use a small amount and it works so fast! It also works great on eczema and in place of antibiotic ointments on scrapes and cuts. I even used it around mine and my two very small children's ears during a flight and we didn't have any issues with ear pain from the pressure."

Diaper Balm "I enjoy using Melissa's diaper cream for my son's diaper rashes. It smells wonderful, melts on impact and goes on smoothly. It still works great even after two years! I don't have to use it that often because the rash disappears after one or two applications! A little dab works wonders! It also works well for his eczema rash on his legs, arms and trunk. A great healing mixture!"

Face Care

Clear Essentials Repair Serum "My skin is supremely sensitive, I always say I break out if you give me a dirty look. Acne products make me burn, flake and cry; "sensitive" moisturizing products make me break out. Enter a drop or two of Repair Serum, it doesn't irritate my skin and my breakouts have retreated." -Aubrey

Essential Radiance Night Balm
"I love my anti-aging face cream. I have tried many anti-aging creams over the years and this so far is my favorite. I have used essential oils for several years, and have even mixed my own face oils. I like this product because it does use all natural products along with the benefits of the therapeutic essential oils. I have seen a significant change in how many wrinkles were around my eyes and cheeks, and yes I do use it around my eyes. I don't ever have to purchase other special eye creams or face creams. This does it all."

Body Care

Foot Salve "One day this spring when I was walking around the house barefoot my three year old grandson noticed that my feet were very cracked and became very concerned because he thought Grammie had hurt her feet. In fact he went and got the band-aids and begin placing them all over the bottom of my heels. We thought it was cute but it was also humiliating. Every winter my feet become very dry and cracked and it is always a struggle to take care of them, and it can be expensive trying to buy the right products. This inspired my daughter to make a foot cream that might help solve the cracked feet dilemma. I have been using this product for the past 8 months and I can honestly say that my feet have never looked better. They are no longer cracked and I am not embarrassed for people to notice my feet. In fact my husband commented that my feet look very attractive."

Lip Balm "As a self-professed lip balm addict , I consider myself an expert. I can't use petroleum based balms, so finding one that works rightw as a challenge until I got a gift of a Love-Essential Lip Balm. This stuff "seals" my lips without feeling caked or waxy, and it sinks in without feeling too slick or oily. My hair does not catch in it in the wind, its something in the texture. I will never buy another brand." -Aubrey
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