Skincare Philosophy

Love-Essential Skin Care was founded on a few core beliefs that drive every decision I make

Love Your Skin

Today's common trend is to punish ourselves when we see something we don't like. In skin care this shows up in the form of using damaging chemicals and treatments in an attempt fix the things we don't like about our skin. I believe there is a better way; the best way to achieve health in the skin and body is to treat the body with love and care. Every product we make is formulated to help support the skin's natural healing powers to produce lasting health and radiance.

More Than Skin Deep

The skin is such an amazing organ. The skin protects the body from injury and illness, it helps regulate temperature, and even creates some essential nutrients for our bodies. The skin has one other purpose that often goes unappreciated. It serves as an advanced warning of issues in our bodies. This is yet another reason to be thankful and loving toward the skin. When my skin has issues I will utilize the healing benefits of botanical skin care, and also look deeper to address the root cause of the issue. My Facebook page is a great place to learn more about this.

Nature Knows Best

 I love science, and I love chemistry. I studied biochemistry and still get excited when I get to learn about the internal mechanisms that make life happen. One thing I have learned is that nature is infinitely complex and we cannot hope to truly understand of all if its intricacies, and we certainly cannot come close to mimicking them. For this reason I use nature's finest ingredients in pure form so that you can enjoy the full range of benefits that only nature can offer. 

Science is Not the Enemy

Like I said, I love science; it is not our enemy. While I believe nature knows best, and formulate with that belief in mind, sometimes science and chemistry are our friends. Some brilliant chemists who have great respect for the natural world have worked hard to formulate some ingredients that increase the safety of our skin care products. I would never sell a product that could potentially grow bacteria or mold because I care deeply about the safety of our customers. For this reason I have put many many hours into searching out safe, effective, and responsibly made preservatives to use in my water based products. Whatever your skin care philosophy please don't use a product that has water based ingredients without a preservative included.

Handcrafted in Batches

The thing about nature is that it is unpredictable. Shea butter purchased from one supplier in December can have a different texture, color and odor than that of a batch that is purchased in July. For this reason I believe in remaining close to the production process. All of Love-Essential Skin Care's products are hand crafted in batches to ensure you are getting a fresh product. This also allows us to tweak each batch to account for the variances involved when using natural ingredients; this way we can provide a premium product every time.

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